Primary documents
Patty's "Confession," from the MPD Report, 10/97
Patty's Letters of Complaint, 10/28/97 [PDF]
The Criminal Complaint Against Patty, 2/5/98 [PDF]
Isthmus Files PFC Complaint Against Riley, 4/1/98
Hal Harlowe's Suppression Brief, 7/9/98
Judge Jack Aulik's Ruling, 7/14/98
DA's Statement on Dismissal of Charges, 8/24/98
Woodmansee's List of 41 Reasons, August 1998 [PDF]
Patty's Letter to Maples, Early September 1998 [PDF]
Isthmus Briefs on PFC "Standing," September 1998
PFC Rules on Standing, 9/30/98
Lueders' Opening Remarks to PFC 10/15/98
Excerpt from Woodmansee's PFC Testimony, 10/15/98
MPD Investigates, Clears Self of Misconduct, 11/3/98
Patty's Letter to Mayor on MPD Probe, 11/18/98
Isthmus' Post-Hearing Brief to PFC, 11/5/98
Riley's Post-Hearing Brief, 11/5/98
Isthmus' Reply Brief, 11/12/98
Riley's Reply Brief, 11/12/98
PFC Rules Against Isthmus, 12/3/98
The documents presented here represent only a small fraction of those generated in this case. Many were scanned in electronically as text documents, resulting in formatting changes and perhaps minor errors. As with articles, some of the posted documents reveal twists and turns in the case.
Patty Files Her Own PFC Complaint, 12/16/98
Patty's Lawyers Ask PFC to Handle, 2/26/99
PFC Rules Against Patty, 5/18/99
Patty Sues Police in Federal Court, 11/17/99
Lawyers for City Respond, 1/3/00
Excerpt From City Pleading on Retaliation, 5/15/00
Judge John Shabaz's Ruling, 5/18/00 [PDF]
Patty's Letter to Mayor Bauman, 5/25/00
Maples' Letter to Patty, 10/30/01
Criminal Complaint is Filed, 5/29/02
Judge Nichols' Ruling, 2/10/03
Brian Blanchard's Letter to Patty, 3/15/04
Williams' Memo to the MPD, 3/25/04
The MPD's "New" Policy for Sensitive Crimes, 2/27/07